AMD Radeon RX Vega, the GeForce 1080 is challenging!

Technology AMD Radeon RX Vega, the GeForce 1080 is challenging!

The new chip Advanced Micro Devices, only the top level he doesn’t challenge the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080; puts him back in many areas.

AMD’s Radeon RX graphics chip 3DMark will soon be available with the support of the VEGA (Guru3D) will be available through. RX Vega is an engineering marvel and it is consistent with the expected properties of the GPU itself.

The device in question; Vega device ID (687F: C1) incorporates the chip and the AMD card was tested as a demo with doom’s shows up as vulcans. RX Vega-based prototype of the Graphics Card, managed to get points in timespy 5721. So we’re dealing with a beta product rather than the final device is present.

The exact values of the device in question were not disclosed. Before we go any further, this is around 1200 Mhz clock speed and computing power of the sample has reached 9.8 tflop we can say that. However, the ultimate 12,5 MHz GPU teraflops per second with 4096 processors and is expected to have a speed of data calculation of 1526. Given the fact that they are passively cooled mi25 of these values are “overclocking” can easily be overcome. Basically 512 GB / s bandwidth we are talking about structure and hbm2. RX Vega of Doom looking at the promos, the card will be equipped with 8 GB of VRAM in the open. The card in question seemed certain that would consume 225 watts of energy.

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