Google Confirms Algorithm Update Occurred Last Week

Internet Google Confirms Algorithm Update Occurred Last Week

Google has confirmed that a broad core algorithm update was released last week.
This is the type of update that occurs several times per year, Google says, which could bring one or more changes to search results.
Google was not specific as to what changes were implemented— it could be anything from changes focused on specific improvements, to broad changes affecting all search results.

Sites may see drops or gains in rankings as a result of the changes that occurred, which Google says is normal. It sounds as though rankings will fluctuate according to how pages should have been ranking prior to this update.

”There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded.”

Should you notice rankings drop following this update, Google notes there is no particular “fix” other than to continue “building great content.”

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