Oh God: Instagram It Crashed Again!

Internet Oh God: Instagram It Crashed Again!

The second fire in a week from Instagram.
Not so much only two days ago, which is one of the world’s most heavily used Mobile Apps, Instagram has experienced a serious hardship, and distress as a result of the application of the world collapsed for a while.

The problem for the reason that originated exactly from the front, Instagram has not released a statement, but there was some slowdowns and errors in the application even after the problem is solved. Today, TSI is around 20.15 the application if once more collapsed. If we look at users of other social media platforms, including Twitter and the complaints, we think, and again the issue being experienced across the globe.

For the second time in two days, we don’t know what caused such a situation to happen, but this time it may seem a statement from Instagram.

the UPDATE: provide access to some users Dec Dec and the problem still continues.

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